Concurrent optimization of harvesting and road network layouts under steep terrain

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Autor(en) Bont, Leo G., Heinimann, Hans R., Church, Richard L.
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Title Concurrent optimization of harvesting and road network layouts under steep terrain
Author(s) Bont, Leo G.
Heinimann, Hans R.
Church, Richard L.
Journal or Series Title Annals of Operations Research
Volume Number 232
Issue Number 1
Start Page 41
End Page 64
ISSN 0254-5330
Publisher Springer
Publication Place Norwell, MA
Publication Date 2015-09
Keyword(s) Cable-yarding
Forest road network
Mixed integer linear programming problem
Steep terrain
Abstract Timber extraction is based on two transportation modes—off-road and on-road—that are connected by a set of landing nodes. Forest operations planning that is oriented toward harvesting consists of concurrently locating a truck road network, designating landing/loading sites along that network, and allocating stands to specific harvest technologies (e.g., cable roads). In central Europe, this problem has, until recently, been solved primarily with rules of thumb. By contrast, only a few attempts, designed for plantation systems, have been made to find the mathematical optima. Here, we present a modeling approach to identify a minimal-cost solution for this problem of laying out truck roads and cable roads when the terrain is steep. This technique is based on a Mixed Integer Linear Programming formulation. Our approach is as good as or better than state-of-the-art methods. Here, the overall costs of harvesting and roading were decreased by about 7 % compared with techniques that called for a heuristic solution only. Depending upon parameter choices, we also determined that a computing time ranging from 4 min to 8 hrs was required when assessing a logging area of 4.3 km2.
DOI 10.1007/s10479-012-1273-4
Additional Notes Published online 29 December 2012
Document Type Artikel
Publication Status Published
Language English
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