Performance benchmarking of quadrotor systems using time-optimal control

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Author(s) Hehn, Markus, Ritz, Robin, D'Andrea, Raffaello
Publication Type Journal Items, Publication Status: Published
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Title Performance benchmarking of quadrotor systems using time-optimal control
Author(s) Hehn, Markus
Ritz, Robin
D'Andrea, Raffaello
Journal or Series Title Autonomous Robots
Volume Number 33
Issue Number 1-2
Start Page 69
End Page 88
ISSN 0929-5593
Publisher Springer
Publication Place Berlin
Publication Date 2012-08
Keyword(s) Aerial robotics
Motion planning and control
Quadrotor control
UAV design
Benchmarking of UAV controllers
Abstract Frequently hailed for their dynamical capabilities, quadrotor vehicles are often employed as experimental platforms. However, questions surrounding achievable performance, influence of design parameters, and performance assessment of control strategies have remained largely unanswered. This paper presents an algorithm that allows the computation of quadrotor maneuvers that satisfy Pontryagin's minimum principle with respect to time-optimality. Such maneuvers provide a useful lower bound on the duration of maneuvers, which can be used to assess performance of controllers and vehicle design parameters. Computations are based on a two-dimensional first-principles quadrotor model. The minimum principle is applied to this model to find that time-optimal trajectories are bang-bang in the thrust command, and bang-singular in the rotational rate control. This paper presents a procedure allowing the computation of time-optimal maneuvers for arbitrary initial and final states by solving the boundary value problem induced by the minimum principle. The usage of the computed maneuvers as a benchmark is demonstrated by evaluating quadrotor design parameters, and a linear feedback control law as an example of a control strategy. Computed maneuvers are verified experimentally by applying them to quadrocopters in the ETH Zurich Flying Machine Arena testbed.
DOI 10.1007/s10514-012-9282-3
Additional Notes Received 15 July 2011, Accepted 2 February 2012, Published online 2 March 2012
Document Type Article
Publication Status Published
Language English
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