Probing the surface accessibility of proteins with noncovalent receptors and MALDI mass spectrometry

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Author(s) Friess, Sebastian D., Daniel, Jürg M., Zenobi, Renato
Publication Type Journal Items, Publication Status: Published
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Title Probing the surface accessibility of proteins with noncovalent receptors and MALDI mass spectrometry
Author(s) Friess, Sebastian D.
Daniel, Jürg M.
Zenobi, Renato
Journal or Series Title Physical chemistry, chemical physics
Volume Number 6
Issue Number 10
Start Page 2664
End Page 2675
ISSN 1463-9076
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication Place Cambridge
Publication Date 2004-05-21
Abstract Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry is employed to analyze noncovalent complexes between arginine residues of proteins and sulfonate receptors such as naphthalene disulfonate, anthraquinone disulfonate, pyrene tri- and tetrasulfonate, and the reactive dye sulfonazo III. Using a nonacidic matrix and a layer sample preparation, the desorption/ionization becomes sufficiently gentle to transfer the intact noncovalent assemblies into the gas phase. The MALDI mass spectra show that the number of receptor adducts can be used to derive structural information, since only accessible residues on the exposed surface of the biomolecule are complexed and hence detected. We here present a correlation of the mean number of detected receptors with surface accessibility parameters obtained from computational methods. In a study on lysozyme, this correlation is explored, and successfully applied to other proteins, e.g. ribonuclease-A, myoglobin, and adenylate kinase. It is also applied to the much larger proteins aldolase and albumin; however, the correlation is less obvious in these two examples.
DOI 10.1039/b315380k
Additional Notes Received 27 November 2003, Accepted 11 March 2004, Published online 6 April 2004
Document Type Article
Publication Status Published
Language English
NEBIS System Number 002005974
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