Atlantic Ocean CARINA data

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Author(s) Tanhua, T., Steinfeldt, R., Key, R.M., Brown, P., Gruber, N., Wanninkhof, R., Perez, F., Körtzinger, A., Velo, A., Schuster, U., Heuven, S. van, Bullister, J.L., Stendaros, I., Hoppema, M., Olsen, A., Kozyr, A., Pierrot, D., Schirnick, C., Wallace, D.W.R.
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Title Atlantic Ocean CARINA data
Subtitle Overview and salinity adjustments
Author(s) Tanhua, T.
Steinfeldt, R.
Key, R.M.
Brown, P.
Gruber, N.
Wanninkhof, R.
Perez, F.
Körtzinger, A.
Velo, A.
Schuster, U.
Heuven, S. van
Bullister, J.L.
Stendaros, I.
Hoppema, M.
Olsen, A.
Kozyr, A.
Pierrot, D.
Schirnick, C.
Wallace, D.W.R.
Journal or Series Title Earth system science data
Volume Number 2
Issue Number 1
Start Page 17
End Page 34
ISSN 1866-3516
Publisher Copernics Publications
Publication Place Katlenburg-Lindau
Publication Date 2010
Abstract Water column data of carbon and carbon-relevant hydrographic and hydrochemical parameters from 188 previously non-publicly available cruise data sets in the Arctic Mediterranean Seas, Atlantic and Southern Ocean have been retrieved and merged into a new database: CARINA (CARbon dioxide IN the Atlantic Ocean). The data have gone through rigorous quality control procedures to assure the highest possible quality and consistency. The data for the pertinent parameters in the CARINA database were objectively examined in order to quantify systematic differences in the reported values, i.e. secondary quality control. Systematic biases found in the data have been corrected in the three data products: merged data files with measured, calculated and interpolated data for each of the three CARINA regions, i.e. the Arctic Mediterranean Seas, the Atlantic and the Southern Ocean. These products have been corrected to be internally consistent. Ninety-eight of the cruises in the CARINA database were conducted in the Atlantic Ocean, defined here as the region south of the Greenland-Iceland-Scotland Ridge and north of about 30° S. Here we present an overview of the Atlantic Ocean synthesis of the CARINA data and the adjustments that were applied to the data product. We also report the details of the secondary QC (Quality Control) for salinity for this data set. Procedures of quality control – including crossover analysis between stations and inversion analysis of all crossover data – are briefly described. Adjustments to salinity measurements were applied to the data from 10 cruises in the Atlantic Ocean region. Based on our analysis we estimate the internal consistency of the CARINA-ATL salinity data to be 4.1 ppm. With these adjustments the CARINA data products are consistent both internally as well as with GLODAP data, an oceanographic data set based on the World Hydrographic Program in the 1990s, and is now suitable for accurate assessments of, for example, oceanic carbon inventories and uptake rates and for model validation.
DOI 10.5194/essd-2-17-2010
Additional Notes Received 17 June 2009, Published in Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss. 20 August 2009, Revised 15 January 2010, Accepted 21 January 2010, Published 1 February 2010
Document Type Article
Publication Status Published
Language English
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