Aerobic microbial dolomite at the nanometer scale

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Author(s) Sánchez-Román, Mónica, Vasconcelos, Crisógono, Schmid, Thomas, Dittrich, Maria, McKenzie, Judith A., Zenobi, Renato, Rivadeneyra, Maria A.
Publication Type Journal Items, Publication Status: Published
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Title Aerobic microbial dolomite at the nanometer scale
Subtitle Implications for the geologic record
Author(s) Sánchez-Román, Mónica
Vasconcelos, Crisógono
Schmid, Thomas
Dittrich, Maria
McKenzie, Judith A.
Zenobi, Renato
Rivadeneyra, Maria A.
Journal or Series Title Geology
Volume Number 36
Issue Number 11
Start Page 879
End Page 882
ISSN 0091-7613
Publisher Geological Society of America
Publication Place Boulder, CO
Publication Date 2008
Abstract Microbial experiments are the only proven approach to produce experimental dolomite under Earth's surface conditions. Although microbial metabolisms are known to induce dolomite precipitation by favoring dolomite growth kinetics, the involvement of microbes in the dolomite nucleation process is poorly understood. In particular, the nucleation of microbially mediated dolomite remains a matter for investigation because the metabolic diversity involved in this process has not been fully explored. Herein we demonstrate that Halomonas meridiana and Virgibacillus marismortui, two moderately halophilic aerobic bacteria, mediate primary precipitation of dolomite at low temperatures (25, 35 °C). This report emphasizes the biomineralogical implications for dolomite formation at the nanometer scale. We describe nucleation of dolomite on nanoglobules in intimate association with the bacterial cell surface. A combination of both laboratory culture experiments and natural samples reveals that these nanoglobule structures may be: (1) the initial step for dolomite nucleation, (2) preserved in the geologic record, and (3) used as microbial tracers through time and/or as a proxy for ancient microbial dolomite, as well as other carbonate minerals.
DOI 10.1130/G25013A.1
Additional Notes Received 9 April 2008, Revision received 24 July 2008, Accepted 6 August 2008
Document Type Article
Publication Status Published
Language English
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