Polyamide layer silicate compounds

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Author(s) Stöppelmann, Georg, Hoffmann, Botho, Hewel, Manfred, Vertlib, Viacheslav, Plötze, Michael, Meier, Lorenz, Vetterli, Bettina, Hirayama, Martina
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Title Polyamide layer silicate compounds
Author(s) Stöppelmann, Georg
Hoffmann, Botho
Hewel, Manfred
Vertlib, Viacheslav
Plötze, Michael
Meier, Lorenz
Vetterli, Bettina
Hirayama, Martina
End Page EP2196494 A1
Publisher Ems Patent
Publication Place Domat/Ems
Publication Date 2010-06-16
Abstract Clay material comprises 30 wt.% of at least a layered silicate treated with water soluble polyamide, -copolyamide and/or -blockcopolyamide. Independent claims are included for: (1) producing the clay material comprising mixing aqueous solution of water soluble polyamide, -copolyamide and/or -blockcopolyamide, with an aqueous dispersion of layered silicate, and separating water after a retention time; and (2) a thermoplastic molded mass comprising a dispersed clay material in a water insoluble thermoplastic matrix phase.
Additional Notes Also published as EP2196494 B1; US2013164477 A1; US9290635 B2; US2010159175 A1; KR20100068210 A; KR101461207 B1; JP2010159414 A; JP5443964 B2; CN101746769 A; CN101746769 B
Document Type Patent
Publication Status Published
Language English
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