Global carbon budget 2014

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Author(s) Le Quéré, C., Moriarty, R., Andrew, R.M., Peters, G.P., Ciais, P., Friedlingstein, P., Jones, S.D., Sitch, S., Tans, P., Arneth, A., Boden, T.A., Bopp, L., Bozec, Y., Canadell, J.G., Chini, L.P., Chevallier, F., Cosca, C.E., Harris, I.C., Hoppema, M., Houghton, R.A., House, J.I., Jain, A.K., Johannessen, T., Kato, E., Keeling, R.F., Kitidis, V., Klein Goldewijk, K., Koven, C., Landa, C.S., Landschützer, P., Lenton, A., Lima, I.D., Marland, G., Mathis, J.T., Metzl, N., Nojiri, Y., Olsen, A., Ono, T., Peters, W., Pfeil, B., Poulter, B., Raupach, M.R., Regnier, P., Rödenbeck, C., Saito, S., Salisbury, J.E., Schuster, U., Schwinger, J., Séférian, R., Segschneider, J., Steinhoff, T., Stocker, B.D., Sutton, A.J., Takahashi, T., Tilbrook, B., van der Werf, G.R., Viovy, N., Wang, Y.-P., Wanninkhof, R., Wiltshire, A., Zeng, N.
Publication Type Journal Items, Publication Status: Published
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Title Global carbon budget 2014
Author(s) Le Quéré, C.
Moriarty, R.
Andrew, R.M.
Peters, G.P.
Ciais, P.
Friedlingstein, P.
Jones, S.D.
Sitch, S.
Tans, P.
Arneth, A.
Boden, T.A.
Bopp, L.
Bozec, Y.
Canadell, J.G.
Chini, L.P.
Chevallier, F.
Cosca, C.E.
Harris, I.C.
Hoppema, M.
Houghton, R.A.
House, J.I.
Jain, A.K.
Johannessen, T.
Kato, E.
Keeling, R.F.
Kitidis, V.
Klein Goldewijk, K.
Koven, C.
Landa, C.S.
Landschützer, P.
Lenton, A.
Lima, I.D.
Marland, G.
Mathis, J.T.
Metzl, N.
Nojiri, Y.
Olsen, A.
Ono, T.
Peters, W.
Pfeil, B.
Poulter, B.
Raupach, M.R.
Regnier, P.
Rödenbeck, C.
Saito, S.
Salisbury, J.E.
Schuster, U.
Schwinger, J.
Séférian, R.
Segschneider, J.
Steinhoff, T.
Stocker, B.D.
Sutton, A.J.
Takahashi, T.
Tilbrook, B.
van der Werf, G.R.
Viovy, N.
Wang, Y.-P.
Wanninkhof, R.
Wiltshire, A.
Zeng, N.
Journal or Series Title Earth System Science Data
Volume Number 7
Issue Number 1
Start Page 47
End Page 85
ISSN 1866-3508
Publisher Copernicus Publ.
Publication Place Göttingen
Publication Date 2015
DOI 10.5194/essd-7-47-2015
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Document Type Article
Publication Status Published
Language English
Assigned Organisational Unit(s) 03731
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