Nanoscale roughness on metal surfaces can increase tip-enhanced Raman scattering by an order of magnitude

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Author(s) Zhang, Weihua, Cui, Xudong, Yeo, Boon-Siang, Schmid, Thomas, Hafner, Christian, Zenobi, Renato
Publication Type Journal Items, Publication Status: Published
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Title Nanoscale roughness on metal surfaces can increase tip-enhanced Raman scattering by an order of magnitude
Author(s) Zhang, Weihua
Cui, Xudong
Yeo, Boon-Siang
Schmid, Thomas
Hafner, Christian
Zenobi, Renato
Journal or Series Title Nano letters
Volume Number 7
Issue Number 5
Start Page 1401
End Page 1405
ISSN 1530-6984
Publisher American Chemical Society
Publication Place Washington, DC
Publication Date 2007
Abstract We studied the influence of nanosteps on signal intensity in gap-mode tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS). A benzenethiol monolayer adsorbed on an Au substrate was investigated. The correlation between the TERS signal and the local topography on the substrate shows that a 2 nm high sharp step on the Au surface can significantly increase the enhancement. Furthermore, theoretical models were built, and the numerical simulation results were consistent with our experimental results. The findings provide evidence that nanoscale roughness can play a crucial role in the "hot sites" corresponding to single-molecule surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS).
DOI 10.1021/nl070616n
Additional Notes Received 15 March 2007, Revised Manuscript Received 10 April 2007, Published online 21 April 2007
Document Type Article
Publication Status Published
Language English
Assigned Organisational Unit(s) 03472
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NEBIS System Number 004005223
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