Real-time breath analysis with active capillary plasma ionization-ambient mass spectrometry

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Author(s) Bregy, Lukas, Sinues, Pablo M.L., Nudnova, Maryia M., Zenobi, Renato
Publication Type Journal Items, Publication Status: Published
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Title Real-time breath analysis with active capillary plasma ionization-ambient mass spectrometry
Author(s) Bregy, Lukas
Sinues, Pablo M.L.
Nudnova, Maryia M.
Zenobi, Renato
Description 8 p.
Journal or Series Title Journal of breath research
Volume Number 8
Issue Number 2
Start Page 027102
ISSN 1752-7155
Publisher Institute of Physics
Publication Place Bristol
Publication Date 2014-06
Keyword(s) Medical physics
Biological physics
Chemical physics and physical chemistry
Abstract On-line analysis of exhaled human breath is a growing area in analytical science, for applications such as fast and non-invasive medical diagnosis and monitoring. In this work, we present a novel approach based on ambient ionization of compounds in breath and subsequent real-time mass spectrometric analysis. We introduce a plasma ionization source for this purpose, which has no need for additional gases, is very small, and is easily interfaced with virtually any commercial atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometer (API-MS) without major modifications. If an API-MS instrument exists in a laboratory, the cost to implement this technology is only around is an element of 500, far less than the investment for a specialized mass spectrometric system designed for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) analysis. In this proof-of-principle study we were able to measure mass spectra of exhaled human breath and found these to be comparable to spectra obtained with other electrospray-based methods. We detected over 100 VOCs, including relevant metabolites like fatty acids, with molecular weights extending up to 340 Da. In addition, we were able to monitor the time-dependent evolution of the peaks and show the enhancement of the metabolism after a meal. We conclude that this approach may complement current methods to analyze breath or other types of vapors, offering an affordable option to upgrade any pre-existing API-MS to a real-time breath analyzer.
DOI 10.1088/1752-7155/8/2/027102
Additional Notes Received 27 September 2013, Revised 11 November 2013, Accepted for publication 27 November 2013, Published 28 March 2014
Document Type Article
Publication Status Published
Language English
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NEBIS System Number 005428423
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