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1. A gene encoding a DUF247 domain protein co-segregates with the S self-incompatibility locus in perennial ryegrass

Manzanares, Chloé, Barth, Susanne, Thorogood, Daniel, Byrne, Stephen L., Yates, Steven, Czaban, Adrian, Asp, Torben, Yang, Bicheng and Studer, Bruno (2016)

The grass family (Poaceae), the fourth largest family of flowering plants, encompasses the most economically important cereal, forage and energy crops, and exhibits a unique gametophytic self-incompatibility (SI) mechanism that is controlled by at least two multi-allelic and...

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6. Leaf Length Tracker: A novel approach to analyse leaf elongation close to the thermal limit of growth in the field

Nagelmüller, Sebastian, Kirchgessner, Norbert, Yates, Steven, Hiltpold, Maya and Walter, Achim (2016)

Leaf growth in monocot crops such as wheat and barley largely follows the daily temperature course, particularly under cold but humid springtime field conditions. Knowledge of the temperature response of leaf extension, particularly variations close to the thermal limit of growth,...

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12. Red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) draft genome provides a platform for trait improvement

De Vega, Jose J., Ayling, Sarah, Hegarty, Matthew, Kudrna, Dave, Goicoechea, José L., Ergon, Åshild, Rognli, Odd A., Jones, Charlotte, Swain, Martin, Geurts, Rene, Lang, Chunting, Mayer, Klaus F.X., Rössner, Stephan, Yates, Steven, Webb, Kathleen J., Donnison, Iain S., Oldroyd, Giles E.D., Wing, Rod A., Caccamo, Mario, Powell, Wayne, Abberton, Michael T. and Skøt, Leif (2015)

Red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) is a globally significant forage legume in pastoral livestock farming systems. It is an attractive component of grassland farming, because of its high yield and protein content, nutritional value and ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Enhancing...

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