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1. Acceptance of nanotechnology foods

Siegrist, Michael, Stampfli, Nathalie and Kastenholz, Hans (2009)

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine consumers' willingness to buy health-beneficial food products produced using nanotechnology. Design/methodology/approach – Data were collected from two representative mail surveys conducted in Switzerland (n=255 and n=260,...

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2. Acceptance of nanotechnology in food and food packaging

Stampfli, Nathalie, Siegrist, Michael and Kastenholz, Hans (2010)

The aim of the present study was to examine factors that may influence the acceptance of nanotechnology products in the food domain. Data come from a representative mail survey conducted in the German-speaking part of Switzerland (n = 514). Participants received information about...

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3. Acceptance of nuclear power

Siegrist, Michael and Visschers, Vivianne H.M. (2013)

Utilizing a longitudinal study design, the impact of the 2011 accident in Fukushima on acceptance of nuclear power and the evaluation of several scenarios with different percentages of nuclear power were examined. Mail surveys were conducted in the German-speaking part of...

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5. A consumer-oriented segmentation study in the Swiss wine market

Brunner, Thomas and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

Purpose: The main objectives of this study are to develop a comprehensive questionnaire and to analyze the nature of wine market segments. Past research has focused on involvement, lifestyle or motives as segmentation criteria. The present study seeks to combine all three...

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6. A consumer segmentation of nutrition information use and its relation to food consumption behaviour

Visschers, Vivianne H.M., Hartmann, Christina, Leins-Hess, Rebecca, Dohle, Simone and Siegrist, Michael (2013)

Consumers need information such as nutrition tables to assess the nutritional value of a food product. Although a broad range of studies has examined consumers’ attention, perception and use of nutrition tables, relatively little is known about what types of consumers use what...

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7. Adapting communication to the public's intuitive understanding of CCS

Wallquist, Lasse, Visschers, Vivianne H.M., Dohle, Simone and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

Public perceptions of the benefits and risks associated with carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) are important determinants of public acceptance and have a strong impact on the political feasibility of this technology. Communication material aimed at informing the general...

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8. Addressing climate change

Tobler, Christina, Visschers, Vivianne H.M. and Siegrist, Michael (2012)

Consumers influence climate change through their consumption patterns and their support or dismissal of climate mitigation policy measures. Both climate-friendly actions and policy support comprise a broad range of options, which vary in manifold ways and, therefore, might be...

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9. Adolescents' perception of the healthiness of snacks

Bucher, Tamara, Collins, Clare, Diem, Sabine and Siegrist, Michael (2016)

Changes in snacking habits in developed countries are a growing cause for concern, since foods and beverages commonly consumed as snacks, tend to be both energy dense and nutrient poor. Adolescents are characterised by frequent snack consumption. Therefore, promoting more healthful...

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10. Affective Imagery and Acceptance of Replacing Nuclear Power Plants

Keller, Carmen, Visschers, Vivianne H.M. and Siegrist, Michael (2012)

This study examined the relationship between the content of spontaneous associations with nuclear power plants and the acceptance of using new-generation nuclear power plants to replace old ones. The study also considered gender as a variable. A representative sample of the German-...

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11. A longitudinal study of the relationships between the Big Five personality traits and body size perception

Hartmann, Christina and Siegrist, Michael (2015)

The present study investigated the longitudinal development of body size perception in relation to different personality traits. A sample of Swiss adults (N=2905, 47% men), randomly selected from the telephone book, completed a questionnaire on two consecutive Years (2012, 2013)....

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12. Ambivalence toward palatable food and emotional eating predict weight fluctuations

Keller, Carmen and Siegrist, Michael (2015)

Weight fluctuations pose serious challenges to people's health. Research suggests that the interplay between cognitive dietary restraint and counter-regulative overeating impairs weight control. In a random sample from the general population (N = 2733, 49% male), a longitudinal...

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13. A New Look at the Psychometric Paradigm of Perception of Hazards

Siegrist, Michael, Keller, Carmen and Kiers, Henk A.L. (2005)

The psychometric paradigm has been the most influential model in the field of risk analysis. The "cognitive maps" of hazards produced by the paradigm seem to explain how laypeople perceive the various risks they face. Because most of the studies used aggregated data, analyzed using...

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14. Antecedents of food neophobia and its association with eating behavior and food choices

Siegrist, Michael, Hartmann, Christina and Keller, Carmen (2013)

Antecedents and associations of food neophobia were measured. Data came from a large mail survey (N = 4436) conducted in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Results of a multiple regression analysis showed that age was positively, and income and education were...

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15. Antecedents of risk and benefit perception of CCS

Wallquist, Lasse, Visschers, Vivianne H. M. and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

Public perception may have a strong impact on the progress of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS). Benefit perception and risk perception are known to be important determinants of public acceptance of CCS. In our study, we examined antecedents of risk and benefit perception of...

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16. Applying the evaluability principle to nutrition table information

Visschers, Vivianne H.M. and Siegrist, Michael (2009)

Consumers often neglect or misinterpret nutrition table information. We argue in this paper that this can be explained by the evaluability principle, which posits that people's evaluation of a product corresponds to a greater degree with the product's actual value when people...

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17. Are Non-Native Plants Perceived to Be More Risky?

Humair, Franziska, Kueffer, Christoph and Siegrist, Michael (2014)

Horticultural trade is recognized as an important vector in promoting the introduction and dispersal of harmful non-native plant species. Understanding horticulturists' perceptions of biotic invasions is therefore important for effective species risk management. We conducted a...

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18. Are Pension Fund Managers Overconfident?

Gort, Christian, Wang, Mei and Siegrist, Michael (2008)

Empirical studies show that people tend to be overconfident about the precision of their knowledge, leading to miscalibration. Consistent with this, we found that on overage the decision makers of Swiss pension plans provide too narrow confidence intervals when asked to estimate...

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20. Are risk or benefit perceptions more important for public acceptance of innovative food technologies: A meta-analysis

Bearth, Angela and Siegrist, Michael (2016)

Research goal: This paper pursued two goals: first, to investigate the much disputed question of whether risk or benefit perceptions are more influential in people's acceptance of food technologies and second, to shed light on the relationship between the two perceptions. Scope and...

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21. A self-determination theory approach to adults' healthy body weight motivation: A longitudinal study focussing on food choices and recreational physical activity

Hartmann, Christina, Dohle, Simone and Siegrist, Michael (2015)

This study focuses on body weight motivation based on self-determination theory. The impact of body weight motivation on longitudinal changes in food choices, recreational physical activity and body mass index was explored. A sample of adults (N=2917, 47% men), randomly selected...

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22. A Swiss survey on teaching evidence-based medicine

Siegrist, Michael and Giger, Max (2006)

Questions under study: To explore the degree to which evidence-based medicine (EBM) is taught in postgraduate training in different clinical fields. Methods: A questionnaire was mailed to all residents in Swiss hospitals in postgraduate medical training programs to obtain...

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23. Attitudes toward chemicals are associated with preference for natural food

Dickson-Spillmann, Maria, Siegrist, Michael and Keller, Carmen (2011)

Consumers express concerns about chemicals in their diet We hypothesized that general positive and negative attitudes toward synthetic chemicals and dose-response insensitivity influence consumers risk perceptions of chemicals in food and preference for natural food We expected...

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24. Auswirkungen des Arbeitsgesetzes auf die ärztliche Weiterbildung und deren zeitlicher Aufwand aus Sicht der Leiterinnen und Leiter von Weiterbildungsstätten

Siegrist, Michael, Orlow, Pascale and Giger, Max (2006)

Im Frühjahr 2006 wurden die Leiterinnen und Leiter von 1370 anerkannten Weiterbildungsstätten zu den Resultaten der Assistentenumfrage 2005, zu den Auswirkungen des Arbeitsgesetzes auf die Weiterbildung und die Patientenversorgung sowie ihrem eigenen zeitlichen Aufwand...

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26. Behavior of Metallic Silver Nanoparticles in a Pilot Wastewater Treatment Plant

Kägi, Ralf, Voegelin, Andreas, Sinnet, Brian, Zuleeg, Steffen, Hagendorfer, Harald, Burkhardt, Michael and Siegrist, Hansruedi (2011)

We investigated the behavior of metallic silver nanoparticles (Ag-NP) in a pilot wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) fed with municipal wastewater. The treatment plant consisted of a nonaerated and an aerated tank and a secondary clarifier. The average hydraulic retention time...

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28. Beurteilung der Weiterbildung der Assistenzärzte in der Schweiz und in Deutschland (HELIOS Kliniken)

Fotuhi, Parwis, Siegrist, Michael, Orlow, Pascale, Vogel, Sandra and Giger, Max (2006)

Der FMH-Fragebogen zur Beurteilung der Weiterbildung durch die Assistenzärzte wurde von den HELIOS Kliniken in Deutschland übernommen und an ihre Bedürfnisse angepasst. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass die Weiterbildung in der Schweiz deutlich positiver beurteilt wird als die...

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30. Biased confidence in risk assessment studies

Siegrist, Michael, Cousin, Marie-Eve and Frei, Maja (2008)

The present research examined factors that influence laypeople's confidence in the results of risk assessment studies. A 2 (hazard; cell phone, base station) 2 (study outcome; no risk, risk) 2 (health effect; well-being, cancer) 3 (risk perception prior to the...

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31. Biased perception about gene technology: How perceived naturalness and affect distort benefit perception

Siegrist, Michael, Hartmann, Christina and Sütterlin, Bernadette (2016)

In two experiments, the participants showed biased responses when asked to evaluate the benefits of gene technology. They evaluated the importance of additional yields in corn fields due to a newly introduced variety, which would increase a farmer's revenues. In one condition, the...

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32. Cell phones and health concerns

Cousin, Marie-Eve and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

The article explores how voluntary precautionary recommendations for cell phone usage influence people's health concerns and behavior. An experimental study using a sample of Swiss citizens (N = 408) was conducted. Three different versions of a newly developed booklet, which...

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33. Children's and parents' health perception of different soft drinks

Bucher, Tamara and Siegrist, Michael (2015)

Beverages are among the first independent product choices that school-aged children will make and unhealthy choices can be a threat to children's health. The present study investigated which beverage attributes shape adults' and children's health perceptions. For this purpose, 100...

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34. Climate change benefits and energy supply benefits as determinants of acceptance of nuclear power stations

Visschers, Vivianne H.M., Keller, Carmen and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

Several countries are currently discussing whether they will rebuild their nuclear power stations in order to continue this type of energy production in the future. The public, with its own opinion about nuclear power stations, has an influential voice in this discussion. As a...

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36. Cognitive and affective determinants of generic drug acceptance and use

Dohle, Simone and Siegrist, Michael (2013)

An increase in generic substitution could be a viable approach to reduce global healthcare expenditures. In many countries, however, generic drug use is rather low. This study examines cognitive predictors (knowledge and beliefs) and affective predictors (general affect and sacred...

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37. Communicating chemical risk in food to adolescents. A comparison of web and print media

Mascarello, Giulia, Crovato, Stefania, Pinto, Anna, Gallina, Albino, Siegrist, Michael and Ravarotto, Licia (2014)

The study addressed the communication of chemical risks in food to adolescents with a view to evaluating the potential, the effectiveness and the limitations of web- and paper-based tools. The tools were developed through a participatory process based on the active involvement of...

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38. Communication of CCS monitoring activities may not have a reassuring effect on the public

L’Orange Seigo, Selma, Wallquist, Lasse, Dohle, Simone and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

An online experiment (N = 200) was conducted to investigate the influence of information about monitoring measures at CO2 storage sites on laypeople's perceptions of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). One experimental group received only a basic introductory text, while the other...

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40. Conjoint Measurement of Base Station Siting Preferences

Dohle, Simone, Keller, Carmen and Siegrist, Michael (2010)

Mobile communication has become a ubiquitous part of today's life. The ongoing growth of this technology, however, involves the construction of new mobile phone base stations in order to assure network coverage. The selection of a new base station site often results in conflicts...

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47. Consumers' knowledge about climate change

Tobler, Christina, Visschers, Vivianne H.M. and Siegrist, Michael (2012)

Several studies have unveiled various misconceptions about climate change that the public holds, for instance, confusion about climate change and ozone depletion. However, so far, there has been no uniform and standardized way to measure climate-related knowledge, which complicates...

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48. Consumers’ knowledge of healthy diets and its correlation with dietary behaviour

Dickson-Spillmann, M. and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

Background: Procedural nutrition knowledge is knowledge of how to eat a healthy diet. This type of knowledge potentially plays an important role in dietary behaviour. Previous studies of consumers' nutrition knowledge did not systematically assess procedural nutrition knowledge....

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