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1. A draft sequence assembly of the perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) genome

Byrne, Stephen, Armstead, Ian, Swain, Suresh C, Panitz, Frank, Hedegaard, Jakob, Bendixen, Christian, Nagy, Istvan, Farrell, Jacqueline D., Studer, Bruno, Caccamo, Mario and Asp, Torben (2014)

Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) is an outbreeding diploid species and one of the principal forage crops used in temperate agriculture. A sequenced genome will both enhance efforts to understand the genetic control of important traits, and accelerate the application of...

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7. Genome-wide analysis captures the determinants of the antibiotic cross-resistance interaction network

Lázár, Viktória, Nagy, István, Spohn, Réka, Csörgő, Bálint, Györkei, Ádám, Nyerges, Ákos, Horváth, Balázs, Vörös, Andrea, Busa-Fekete, Róbert, Hrtyan, Mónica, Bogos, Balázs, Méhi, Orsolya, Busa-Fekete, Róbert, Szappanos, Balázs, Kégl, Balázs, Papp, Balázs and Pál, Csaba (2014)

Understanding how evolution of antimicrobial resistance increases resistance to other drugs is a challenge of profound importance. By combining experimental evolution and genome sequencing of 63 laboratory-evolved lines, we charted a map of cross-resistance interactions between...

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10. Optimization of Sealed Tube Graphitization Method for Environmental C-14 Studies Using MICADAS

Rinyu, László, Molnár, Mihály, Major, István, Nagy, Tamás, Veres, Mihály, Kimák, Ádám, Wacker, Lukas and Synal, Hans-Arno (2013)

The original sealed tube zinc reduction graphitization process was first developed for rapid low-precision measurements of biomedical tracer samples and later also applied for high precision measurements of not too old samples. In this study we tested the MICADAS (mini radiocarbon...

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