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1. Interaction effects of targeted agri-environmental payments on non-marketed goods and services under climate change in a mountain region

Huber, Robert, Snell, Rebecca, Monin, François, Brunner, Sibyl H., Schmatz, Dirk R. and Finger, Robert (2017)

Targeting of agri-environmental measures (AEMs) is a key to increasing the cost-effectiveness of governmental support for biodiversity conservation and the provision of ecosystem services from agriculture. Existing literature, however, often focuses on single measures without...

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3. Sensitivity analysis of a land-use change model with and without agents to assess land abandonment and long-term re-forestation in a Swiss mountain region

Brändle, Julia M., Langendijk, Gaby, Peter, Simon, Brunner, Sibyl H. and Huber, Robert (2015)

Land abandonment and the subsequent re-forestation are important drivers behind the loss of ecosystem services in mountain regions. Agent-based models can help to identify global change impacts on farmland abandonment and can test policy and management options to counteract this...

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4. Social-ecological modeling of Alpine ecosystem services

Huber, Sibyl H. (2017)

Doctoral Thesis and Habilitation Thesis