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1. A light-induced photochromic nanoswitch capable of non-destructive readout via fluorescence emission

Hartmann, Thomas, Shrestha, Tej B., Bossmann, Stefan H., Huebner, Christian, Renn, Alois, Duerr, Heinz, Hartmann, Thomas, Shrestha, Tej B., Bossmann, Stefan H., Huebner, Christian, Renn, Alois and Duerr, Heinz (2009)

We have synthesized a prototype of a photochromic styrylquinolyl-dihydroindolizine (DIII), which forms a highly coloured and fluorescent betaine upon irradiation with lambda<400 nm. Embedding this photochromic DHI in a thin polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) film permits the...

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2. A luminal flavoprotein in endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation

Riemer, Jan, Appenzeller-Herzog, Christian, Johansson, Linda, Bodenmiller, Bernd, Hartmann-Petersen, Rasmus and Ellgaard, Lars (2009)

The quality control system of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) discriminates between native and nonnative proteins. The latter are degraded by the ER-associated degradation (ERAD) pathway. Whereas many cytosolic and membrane components of this system are known, only few luminal...

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3. Branched-chain amino acid catabolism is a conserved regulator of physiological ageing

Mansfeld, Johannes, Urban, Nadine, Priebe, Steffen, Groth, Marco, Frahm, Christiane, Hartmann, Nils, Gebauer, Juliane, Ravichandran, Meenakshi, Dommaschk, Anne, Schmeisser, Sebastian, Kuhlow, Doreen, Monajembashi, Shamci, Bremer-Streck, Sibylle, Hemmerich, Peter, Kiehntopf, Michael, Zamboni, Nicola, Englert, Christoph, Guthke, Reinhard, Kaleta, Christoph, Platzer, Matthias, Sühnel, Jürgen, Witte, Otto W., Zarse, Kim and Ristow, Michael (2015)

Ageing has been defined as a global decline in physiological function depending on both environmental and genetic factors. Here we identify gene transcripts that are similarly regulated during physiological ageing in nematodes, zebrafish and mice. We observe the strongest extension...

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4. Chemical synthesis and characterization of POSS-functionalized poly[3-hydroxyalkanoates]

Hany, Roland, Hartmann, René, Böhlen, Christine, Brandenberger, Sandro, Kawada, Jumpei, Löwe, Christiane, Zinn, Manfred, Witholt, Bernard and Marchessault, Robert H. (2005)

A polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane containing seven isobutyl groups and one mercaptopropyl group (POSS-SH) was linked via a free radical addition reaction to the side-chain double bonds of bacterial poly [3-hydroxyalkanoate-co-3-hydroxyalkenoate], (PHAE). PHAE with 11.5, 55 78....

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5. Differential Retinoic Acid Signaling in Tumors of Long-and Short-term Glioblastoma Survivors

Barbus, Sebastian, Tews, Bjoern, Karra, Daniela, Hahn, Meinhard, Radlwimmer, Bernhard, Delhomme, Nicolas, Hartmann, Christian, Felsberg, Joerg, Krex, Dietmar, Schackert, Gabriele, Martinez, Ramon, Reifenberger, Guido and Lichter, Peter (2011)

Although the prognosis of most glioblastoma patients is poor, 3%-5% patients show long-term survival of 36 months or longer after diagnosis. To study the differences in activation of biochemical pathways, we performed mRNA and protein expression analyses of primary glioblastoma...

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6. Exhaustive extraction of sulfonamide antibiotics from aged agricultural soils using pressurized liquid extraction

Stoob, Krispin, Singer, Heinz P., Stettler, Sandra, Hartmann, Niccolo, Müller, Stephan R. and Stamm, Christian H. (2006)

A pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) method was developed for the quantification of five sulfonamide antibiotics (sulfadiazine, sulfadimethoxine, sulfamethazine, sulfamethoxazole, and sulfathiazole) in aged soil samples. To account for sequestration effects the extraction was...

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7. GeSn lasers for monolithic integration on Si

Buca, Dan, Stange, Daniela, Schulte-Braucks, Christian, Wirths, Stephan, Driesch, N. von den, Mantl, Siegfried, Grutzmacher, Detlev, Geiger, Richard, Zabel, T., Sigg, Hans, Marzaban, Raghda, Witzens, Jeremy, Ikonić, Zoran and Hartmann, Jean M. (2015)

Lasing under optical pumping is shown in suspended GeSn microdisks fabricated on a Ge virtual substrate with a lasing threshold below 1 mW at 20K. © 2015 IEEE.

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8. How does randomized beamforming improve the connectivity of ad hoc networks?

Bettstetter, Christian, Hartmann, Christian and Moser, Clemens (2005)

This paper analyzes the impact of beamforming antennas on the topological connectivity of multihop wireless networks. As a metric for the connectivity of the network, we use the percentage P(path) of nodes that are connected via a multihop path. We show that simple...

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