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1. Development and mapping of DArT markers within the Festuca-Lolium complex

Kopecky, David, Bartoš, Jan, Lukaszewski, Adam J., Baird, James, Černoc, Vladimír, Kölliker, Roland, Rognli, Odd Arne, Blois, Helene, Caig, Vanessa, Lübberstedt, Thomas, Studer, Bruno, Shaw, Paul, Dolezel, Jaroslav and Kilian, Andrzej (2009)

Background: Grasses are among the most important and widely cultivated plants on Earth. They provide high quality fodder for livestock, are used for turf and amenity purposes, and play a fundamental role in environment protection. Among cultivated grasses, species within the...

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2. Emerging technologies advancing forage and turf grass genomics

Kopecký, David and Studer, Bruno (2014)

Grassland is of major importance for agricultural production and provides valuable ecosystem services. Its impact is likely to rise in changing socio-economic and climatic environments. High yielding forage grass species are major components of sustainable grassland production....

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3. Flow Sorting and Sequencing Meadow Fescue Chromosome 4F

Kopecký, David, et al. and Studer, Bruno (2013)

The analysis of large genomes is hampered by a high proportion of repetitive DNA, which makes the assembly of short sequence reads difficult. This is also the case in meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis), which is known for good abiotic stress resistance and has been used in...

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