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2. Worlds apart. Consumer acceptance of functional foods and beverages in Germany and China

Siegrist, Michael, Shi, Jing, Giusto, Alice and Hartmann, Christina (2015)

This study examined consumers' willingness to buy functional foods. Data were collected from an Internet survey in Germany (n = 502) and China (n = 443). The results showed that consumers in China were much more willing to buy functional foods, compared with their German...

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3. The psychology of eating insects: A cross-cultural comparison between Germany and China

Hartmann, Christina, Shi, Jing, Giusto, Alice and Siegrist, Michael (2015)

Based on their high nutritional value and low production costs, insects are an excellent and sustainable source of animal protein. In contrast to countries such as China, in Western societies, the consumption of insects is not rooted in traditional diet. Data for the present study...

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5. Antecedents of food neophobia and its association with eating behavior and food choices

Siegrist, Michael, Hartmann, Christina and Keller, Carmen (2013)

Antecedents and associations of food neophobia were measured. Data came from a large mail survey (N = 4436) conducted in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Results of a multiple regression analysis showed that age was positively, and income and education were...

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