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1. What are the sources of exposure to eight frequently used phthalic acid esters in Europeans?

Wormuth, Matthias, Scheringer, Martin, Vollenweider, Meret and Hungerbühler, Konrad (2006)

Phthalic acid esters (phthalates) are used as plasticizers in numerous consumer products, commodities, and building materials. Consequently, phthalates are found in human residential and occupational environments in high concentrations, both in air and in dust. Phthalates are also...

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2. Estimating Consumer Exposure to PFOS and PFOA

Trudel, David, Horowitz, Lea, Wormuth, Matthias, Scheringer, Martin, Cousins, Ian T. and Hungerbühler, Konrad (2008)

Perfluorinated compounds have been used for more than 50 years as process aids, surfactants, and for surface protection. This study is a comprehensive assessment of consumer exposure to perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) from a variety of...

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3. Lifestyle determinants of wine consumption and spending on wine

Brunner, Thomas A. and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to identify the lifestyle determinants motivating wine consumption and the amount spent on it, as sales and profits depend largely on a sound knowledge of them.
Design/methodology/approach – Data were gathered by means of a postal...

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4. Who puts the most energy into energy conservation?

Sütterlin, Bernadette, Brunner, Thomas A. and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

The present paper aims to identify and describe different types of energy consumers in a more comprehensive way than previous segmentation studies using cluster analysis. Energy consumers were segmented based on their energy-related behavioral characteristics. In addition to...

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5. Factors Influencing People’s Acceptance of Gene Technology

Connor, Melanie and Siegrist, Michael (2010)

This article aims to examine which factors influence people’s perception of gene technology. Data come from a mail survey in the German speaking part of Switzerland (N = 830). Principal component analyses for acceptance, risks, and benefits of 12 gene technology applications...

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6. Development and validation of a short, consumer-oriented nutrition knowledge questionnaire

Dickson-Spillmann, Maria, Siegrist, Michael and Keller, Carmen (2011)

A short scale was developed and validated that assesses consumers' knowledge about nutrition. Sixty-four nutrition knowledge items were derived from consumer interviews and expert recommendations about healthy eating. Items were administered as a postal survey to a sample of...

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7. Future Entertainment Technologies

Kunz, Andreas and Nescher, Thomas (2011)

Today’s computer games provide a realistic visual output combined with a convincing sound sensation. However, another important perception channel, the proprioceptive sensation, is insufficiently addressed. In particular the perception of spatial distances, which is typically...

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8. Socio-Economic and Demographic Profile of Traditional and Functional Food Consumers in Serbia

Stojanovic, Zaklina and Barjolle, Dominique (2012)

Consumer quantitative survey was performed on general population 18+ in Serbia at the end of September - begging of October 2010. The instrument used in this survey was a structured questionnaire. The stratified three-staged random representative sample is applied (N=516). Based on...

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9. It takes some effort

Brunner, Thomas A. (2013)

Plenty of studies have demonstrated that effort influences food choice. However, few have been conducted to analyze the effect of effort on consumption volume. Moreover, the few studies that have measured consumption volume all have strong limitations. The goal of the present paper...

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10. Functional Foods in Macedonia

Spiroski, Igor, Gjorgjev, Dragan, Milošević, Jasna, Kendrovski, Vladimir, Naunova-Spiroska Daniela and Barjolle, Dominique (2013)

Background: The objective of our study was to explore the knowledge, attitudes and practices of Macedonian consumers towards functional foods, to predict future trends and to assess the national public health policies encompassing the functional foods market.


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11. GHG reduction potential of changes in consumption patterns and higher quality levels

Girod, Bastien and Haan, Peter de (2009)

An effective consumer-oriented climate policy requires knowing the GHG reduction potential of sustainable consumption. The aim of this study is to draw lessons from differences in consumption between households with high and low GHG emissions. We evaluate a survey of 14,500...

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12. Acceptance of nanotechnology foods

Siegrist, Michael, Stampfli, Nathalie and Kastenholz, Hans (2009)

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine consumers' willingness to buy health-beneficial food products produced using nanotechnology. Design/methodology/approach – Data were collected from two representative mail surveys conducted in Switzerland (n=255 and n=260,...

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13. Expectations influence sensory experience in a wine tasting

Siegrist, Michael and Cousin, Marie-Eve (2009)

Information about a product may shape consumers’ taste experience. In a wine tasting experiment, participants received (positive or negative) information about the wine prior to or after the tasting. When the information was given prior to the tasting, negative information about...

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14. Understanding Car-Buying Behavior

Peters, Anja, Haan, Peter de and Scholz, Roland W. (2015)

Consumers' adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles is crucial to saving energy in road transport. Investigating reasons for the gap between intention and revealed behavior can contribute to more effective, faster, and less costly market penetration of efficient vehicles. We compare...

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15. Feebates promoting energy-efficient cars

Peters, Anja, Mueller, Michel G., Haan, Peter de and Scholz, Roland W. (2008)

An increasing number of countries have implemented or are evaluating feebate systems in order to reduce energy consumption of new vehicle registrations. We distinguish between absolute feebates based strictly on a vehicle's energy consumption and relative feebates normalizing...

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16. Assessments of direct human exposure

Wormuth, Matthias, Demou, Evangelia, Scheringer, Martin and Hungerbühler, Konrad (2007)

The awareness of potential risks emerging from the use of chemicals in all parts of daily life has increased the need for risk assessments that are able to cover a high number of exposure situations and thereby ensure the safety of workers and consumers. In the European Union (EU),...

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18. Nowcasting Private Consumption with TV Sentiment

Uhl, Matthias W. (2011)

We perform principal components analyses of the University of Michigan Index of Consumer Sentiment and TV sentiment in order to gain information on their structure and information content. By introducing the new sentiment variable TV sentiment, gathered from sentiment from...

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21. Usage Analysis of a Mobile Bargain Finder Application

Karpischek, Stephan, Santani, Darshan and Michahelles, Florian (2012)

Mobile shopping applications for smartphones are popular among consumers. While mobile commerce research has focused on experimental prototypes and evaluation in small groups, only little is known about the real-world usage of these applications. Established tools and methods for...

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22. Influence of Facebook on Purchase Decision Making

Pletikosa Cvijikj, Irena, Cetin, Goekmen, Karpischek, Stephan and Michahelles, Florian (2010)

People rely on opinions of other individuals or groups when making purchase decisions. This paper describes a system for evaluating the behavioral impact of Facebook on the decision making process. We have developed ThingBook, a prototype Facebook application for creating...

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23. Towards a Better Understanding of Mobile Shopping Assistants

Karpischek, Stephan, Gilad, Geron and Michahelles, Florian (2011)

Mobile shopping assistants have been subject to research in the field of ubiquitous and pervasive computing for many years. Now the wide adoption of mobile shopping applications for smartphones allows evaluation on a large scale. To study how consumers actually use these...

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24. How to Motivate Energy Efficiency Online

Loock, Claire-Michelle, Graml, Tobias, Baeriswyl, Michael and Staake, Thorsten (2011)

For energy conservation purposes it is not sufficient to rely on energy efficient technology, energy savings also require changes of behavior and daily routines. However, ICT can play an important role in supporting behavior change. A first step to behavior change is to actively...

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25. More or Better?

Girod, Bastien and Haan, Peter de (2010)

Households exert an important influence on total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Therefore, their consumption behavior is of interest in evaluations of climate policy options and projections of future emission paths. While most evaluations of household consumption and its emissions...

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26. Acceptance of nanotechnology in food and food packaging

Stampfli, Nathalie, Siegrist, Michael and Kastenholz, Hans (2010)

The aim of the present study was to examine factors that may influence the acceptance of nanotechnology products in the food domain. Data come from a representative mail survey conducted in the German-speaking part of Switzerland (n = 514). Participants received information about...

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27. On Duality and the Benefit Function

Chavas, Jean-Paul and Baggio, Michele (2010)

This paper investigates the duality relationships between Marshallian and compensated price-dependent consumer demands. We associate the compensated price-dependent demand with Luenberger’s benefit function, which has nice aggregation properties and provides a general basis for...

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28. Attitudes toward chemicals are associated with preference for natural food

Dickson-Spillmann, Maria, Siegrist, Michael and Keller, Carmen (2011)

Consumers express concerns about chemicals in their diet We hypothesized that general positive and negative attitudes toward synthetic chemicals and dose-response insensitivity influence consumers risk perceptions of chemicals in food and preference for natural food We expected...

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29. Consumers’ knowledge of healthy diets and its correlation with dietary behaviour

Dickson-Spillmann, M. and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

Background: Procedural nutrition knowledge is knowledge of how to eat a healthy diet. This type of knowledge potentially plays an important role in dietary behaviour. Previous studies of consumers' nutrition knowledge did not systematically assess procedural nutrition knowledge....

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30. The Power of Association

Connor, Melanie and Siegrist, Michael (2011)

Affect, associations, and images associated with food technologies may be important factors influencing consumers’ perception of and willingness to accept new food technologies. The aim of the present study was to investigate free associations evoked by the term...

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31. my2cents-enabling research on consumer-product interaction

Karpischek, Stephan, Michahelles, Florian and Fleisch, Elgar (2012)

Barcode scanners for smartphones enable mobile product-centric services for consumers. We have developed a mobile app that enables consumers to share their use of and opinions about products with their friends and others. Our goal is to establish a product-centric information...

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32. Swiss market for meat from animal-friendly production

Phan-Huy, Sibyl Anwander and Fawaz, Ruth Badertscher (2003)

Animal welfare is an important societal issue in Switzerland. Policy makers have responded with a strict legislation on animal protection and with two programs to promote animal friendly husbandry. Also private actors in the meat industry initiated programs for animal friendly meat...

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33. Robust Integer Programming and Flexible Scheduling of Electricity Loads

Vujanic, Robin (2012)

After the liberalization of the electricity sector, new markets have emerged including markets for network ancillary services. Large electricity consumers’ interest in participating in these markets is growing as they see an opportunity to make profits by selling flexibility of...

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35. Characteristics of traditional and novel food consumers

Barjolle, Dominique and Stojanovic, Zaklina (2012)

Consumer quantitative survey is performed on general population 18+ in Serbia at the end of September – begging of October 2010. The instrument used in this survey was a structured questionnaire consisting of several separate sections, including motivation toward food in general...

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36. A consumer segmentation of nutrition information use and its relation to food consumption behaviour

Visschers, Vivianne H.M., Hartmann, Christina, Leins-Hess, Rebecca, Dohle, Simone and Siegrist, Michael (2013)

Consumers need information such as nutrition tables to assess the nutritional value of a food product. Although a broad range of studies has examined consumers’ attention, perception and use of nutrition tables, relatively little is known about what types of consumers use what...

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37. Applying neutralization theory to fair trade buying behaviour

Brunner, T.A. (2014)

More and more consumers are willing to pay a premium for fair trade products. However, great potential remains as the market shares of these products are still low. In the present study, neutralization theory was applied to investigate the reasons for consumers hesitating to buy...

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Ho, Edward and Ilic, Alexander (2014)

With the pervasive availability of smart phones it becomes for the first time economically feasible to operationalize personalized marketing measures also for physical grocery retailing. A particularly interesting and high value target group in this domain is the one of variety...

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39. Bisphenol A

von Goetz, Natalie, Wormuth, Matthias, Scheringer, Martin and Hungerbühler, Konrad (2010)

We investigated the relative contributions of the pathways known to be most relevant for nine different consumer groups. Our results suggest that the most important pathways for infants and children are the use of polycarbonate (PC) baby bottles and for adults and teenagers the...

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40. Exposure of German consumers to engineered nanoparticles in cosmetics and personal care products

Lorenz, Christiane, von Goetz, Natalie, Scheringer, Martin, Wormuth, Matthias and Hungerbühler, Konrad (2011)

The rapid increase in the number of consumer products containing engineered nanoparticles (ENP) raises concerns about an appropriate risk assessment of these products. Along with toxicological data, exposure estimates are essential for assessing risk. Currently, cosmetics and...

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41. Potential exposure of German consumers to engineered nanoparticles in cosmetics and personal care products

Lorenz, Christiane, von Goetz, Natalie, Scheringer, Martin, Wormuth, Matthias and Hungerbühler, Konrad (2011)

The rapid increase in the number of consumer products containing engineered nanoparticles (ENP) raises concerns about an appropriate risk assessment of these products. Along with toxicological data, exposure estimates are essential for assessing risk. Currently, cosmetics and...

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42. Determinants of sheep and goat meat consumption in Switzerland

Aepli, Matteo and Finger, Robert (2013)

In this study, we estimated the influence of different meat prices, socio-demographic and geographic variables on sheep and goat meat demand using the Swiss household expenditure survey from 2000 to 2005, a micro data set on 20,940 households resident in Switzerland. This study is...

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43. How much do incentives affect car purchase?

Haan, Peter de, Mueller, Michel G. and Scholz, Roland W. (2009)

In this paper, we simulate the car market in order to forecast the effects of feebate systems based on an energy-labeling scheme using categories A to G. Very fuel-efficient (A) cars receive a cash incentive, highly inefficient (G) cars pay additional fees. Consumers have different...

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44. How much do incentives affect car purchase? Agent-based microsimulation of consumer choice of new cars

Mueller, Michel G. and Haan, Peter de (2009)

This article presents an agent-based microsimulation capable of forecasting the effects of policy levers that influence individual choices of new passenger cars. The fundamental decision-making units are households distinguished by sociodemographic characteristics and car...

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45. And Action: TV Sentiment and the US Consumer

Uhl, Matthias W. (2012)

With a novel data set, we test whether sentiment in TV news can be used as a proxy for consumer sentiment in order to explain changes in private consumption growth in the United States. The University of Michigan Index of Consumer Sentiment (ICS) is taken to compare its explanatory...

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49. The structure of optimal consumption streams in general incomplete markets

Malamud, Semyon and Trubowitz, Eugene (2007)

We prove that for any incomplete market and any concave utility function the marginal propensities to consume and to save are always positive. Furthermore, we introduce a class of incomplete markets that includes almost all well known examples of market incompleteness in...

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50. Nanosized aerosols from consumer sprays

Lorenz, Christiane, Hagendorfer, Harald, von Goetz, Natalie, Kaegi, Ralf, Gehrig, Robert, Ulrich, Andrea, Scheringer, Martin and Hungerbühler, Konrad (2011)

Consumer spray products are already on the market in the cosmetics and household sector, which suggest by their label that they contain engineered nanoparticles (ENP). Sprays are considered critical for human health, because the lungs represent a major route for the uptake of ENP...

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