Instructions on recording references in ETH E-Citations are available here:

ETH E-Citations in general

Do I have to register in order to be able to use ETH E-Citations?
Which references are included in ETH E-Citations?
What counts as a scientific publication in the context of ETH E-Citations?
Are there quality assurance procedures in place for the bibliographical data in ETH E-Citations?
Is it possible to compile publication lists on ETH Zurich websites from the references ETH E-Citations contains?
How can I use RSS feed?
Whom can I contact if I have technical problems?

Search / Browse

How can I search?
Does a search cover abstracts?
Can I modify the result lists?
Which browse options are offered?

Data entry

Do I have to register in order to be able to enter references into ETH E-Citations?
What is a "Non-ETH publication"?
How do I enter a reference?
Can I enter several references at once?
Can I import my BibTex file to ETH E-Citations?
Can I import my EndNote files to ETH E-Citations?
Is it allowed to add an abstract?

Organisational codes for the annual report

Can I assign an organisational code to an existing reference at a later date?
How do I confirm organisational codes?
Why doesn't my reference appear in the annual report?