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2. A Benchmarking analysis of electricity distribution utilities in Switzerland

Farsi, Mehdi and Filippini, Massimo (2005)

This paper studies the sensitivity problems of the benchmarking methods used in the regulation practice. Three commonly used methods have been applied to a sample of 52 electricity distribution utilities to estimate their cost efficiency. These methods include stochastic frontier,...

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3. A boosting framework on grounds of online learning

Naghibi, Tofigh and Pfister, Beat (2014)

By exploiting the duality between boosting and online learning, we present a boosting framework which proves to be extremely powerful thanks to employing the vast knowledge available in the online learning area. Using this framework, we develop various algorithms to address...

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5. Absorptive Capacity and the Growth Effects of Regional Transfers

Becker, Sascha O., Egger, Peter and Ehrlich, Maximilian von (2011)

Transfers to individuals, firms, and regions are often regulated by threshold rules, giving rise to a regression discontinuity design. An example are transfers provided by the European Commission to regions of EU member states below a certain income level. Researchers have focused...

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8. Accelerating weighted random sampling without replacement

Müller, Kirill (2016)

Random sampling from discrete populations is one of the basic primitives in statistical computing. This article briefly introduces weighted and unweighted sampling with and without replacement. The case of weighted sampling without replacement appears to be most difficult to...

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10. Accumulation Regimes in Dynastic Economies with Resource Dependence and Habit Formation

Valente, Simone (2009)

We analyze the consequences of habit formation for income levels and long-term growth in an overlapping generations model with dynastic altruism and resource dependence. If the strength of habits is below a critical level, the competitive economy displays an altruistic...

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11. A CERN-based high-intensity high-energy proton source for long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments with next-generation large underground detectors for proton decay searches and neutrino physics and astrophysics

Rubbia, André (2010)

The feasibility of a European next-generation very massive neutrino observatory in seven potential candidate sites located at distances from CERN ranging from 130 km to 2300 km, is being considered within the LAGUNA design study. The study is providing a coordinated technical...

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13. A class of strict local martingales

Herdegen, Martin P.G. and Herrmann, Sebastian (2014)

Many results in stochastic analysis and mathematical finance involve local martingales. However, specific examples of strict local martingales are rare and analytically often rather unhandy. We study local martingales that follow a given deterministic function up to a random time...

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15. A Comparative Analysis of Oil Production Sectors in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

Sarbu, Bianca (2011)

This article applies a comparative approach to the oil sector governance in two petroleum-rich countries in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). More explicitly, it examines the factors which best explain variation in the strategies they have been...

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16. A Comparative Study of the Usability of Two Object-oriented Concurrent Programming Languages

Nanz, Sebastian, Torshizi, Faraz, Pedroni, Michela and Meyer, Bertrand (2010)

Concurrency has been rapidly gaining importance in general-purpose computing, caused by the recent turn towards multicore processing architectures. As a result, an increasing number of developers have to learn to write concurrent programs, a task that is known to be hard even for...

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17. A comparison of firm-level innovation cooperation in five European countries

Arvanitis, Spyros and Bolli, Thomas (2009)

This paper compares the determinants and the effects of innovation cooperation on innovation performance at firm level in five European countries: Belgium, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland. In a first step we analyse cooperation agreements with national and international...

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18. A Comprehensive Operational Semantics of the SCOOP Programming Model

Morandi, Benjamin, Nanz, Sebastian and Meyer, Bertrand (2012)

Operational semantics has established itself as a flexible but rigorous means to describe the meaning of programming languages. Oftentimes, it is felt necessary to keep a semantics small, for example to facilitate its use for model checking by avoiding state space explosion....

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19. A convergence result for the Emery topology and a variant of the proof of the fundamental theorem of asset pricing

Cuchiero, Christa and Teichmann, Josef (2014)

We show that No unbounded profit with bounded risk (NUPBR) implies predictable uniform tightness (P-UT), a boundedness property in the Emery topology which has been introduced by C. Stricker [32]. Combining this insight with well known results from J. M´emin and L. S lominski [26]...

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20. Acting autonomously of mimicking the state and peers?

Dreher, Axel, Nunnenkamp, Peter, Öhler, Hannes and Weisser, Johannes (2009)

NGO aid is still widely believed to be superior to official aid (ODA). However, the incentives of NGOs to excel and target aid to the poor and deserving are increasingly disputed. We contribute to the emerging literature on the allocation of NGO aid by performing panel Tobit...

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21. Active spanning trees and SLE

Kassel, Adrien and Wilson, David B. (2015)

We consider the Peano curve separating a spanning tree from its dual spanning tree on an embedded planar graph, where the tree and dual tree are weighted by y to the number of active edges, and "active" is in the sense of the Tutte polynomial. When the graph is a portion of the...

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23. Activists versus Captured Regulators

Daubanes, Julien and Rochet, Jean-Charles (2013)

We analyze the consequences of activism in a regulated industry where the regulator has been captured by the industry. Unlike ordinary economic agents, activists are insensitive to monetary incentives. Moreover, they are less well informed than regulators and their actions generate...

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25. Activity Patterns in Three Industrialized Countries

Alves, M.J. and Axhausen, K.W. (1994)

This paper will compare the activity patterns of three post-industrial countries: Germany, Great Britain and United States of America. It will give special emphasis on the discussion and assessment of the relationship between activity patterns and mode choice. The data sources used...

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26. Activity spaces, biographies, social networks and their welfare gains and externalities: Some hypotheses and empirical results

Axhausen, Kay W. (2005)

The repeated interactions and exchanges in formal and informal networks, e.g. family, firms, associations, friendship circles, regulars of a bar, are central to our daily life. There is no reason to assume, that the geography of the members of the networks, to which one belongs,...

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27. Adaptive Lasso for High Dimensional Regression and Gaussian Graphical Modeling

Zhou, Shuheng, van de Geer, Sara and Bühlmann, Peter (2009)

We show that the two-stage adaptive Lasso procedure (Zou, 2006) is consistent for high-dimensional model selection in linear and Gaussian graphical models. Our conditions for consistency cover more general situations than those accomplished in previous work: we prove that...

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28. Adaptive Submodular Optimization under Matroid Constraints

Golovin, Daniel and Krause, Andreas (2011)

Many important problems in discrete optimization require maximization of a monotonic submodular function subject to matroid constraints. For these problems, a simple greedy algorithm is guaranteed to obtain near-optimal solutions. In this article, we extend this classic result to a...

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30. Additive habits with power utility

Muraviev, Roman (2011)

We consider a power utility maximization problem with additive habits in a framework of discrete-time markets and random endowments. For certain classes of incomplete markets, we establish estimates for the optimal consumption stream in terms of the aggregate state price density,...

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33. A Dual Approach to Ambiguity Aversion

Bommier, Antoine (2014)

In this paper, the assumption of monotonicity of Anscombe and Aumann (1963) is replaced by a weaker assumption of monotonicity with respect to first order stochastic dominance. I derive a representation result where ambiguous distributions of objective beliefs are first aggregated...

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37. A dynamic cordon pricing scheme combining a macroscopic and an agent-based traffic models

Zheng, Nan, Waraich, Rashid A., Geroliminis, Nikolas and Axhausen, Kay W. (2011)

Pricing is considered an effective management policy to reduce traffic congestion in transportation networks. This paper combines a macroscopic modeling of traffic congestion in urban networks with an agent-based simulator to study congestion pricing schemes. The macroscopic model,...

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38. Affine processes on symmetric cones

Cuchiero, Christa, Keller-Ressel, Martin, Mayerhofer, Eberhard and Teichmann, Josef (2011)

We consider affine Markov processes taking values in convex cones. In particular, we characterize all affine processes taking values in an irreducible symmetric cone in terms of certain L\'evy-Khintchine triplets. This is the complete classification of affine processes on these...

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39. Affine realizations for Lévy driven interest rate models with real-world forward rate dynamics

Tappe, Stefan and Platen, Eckhard (2011)

We investigate the existence of ane realizations for interest rate term structure models driven by Levy processes. Using as numeraire the growth optimal portfolio, we model the interest rate term structure under the realworld probability measure, and hence, we do not need the...

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41. A frame energy for immersed tori and applications to regular homotopy classes

Mondino, Andrea and Rivière, Tristan (2013)

The paper is devoted to study the Dirichelet energy of moving frames on 2-dimensional tori immersed in the euclidean 3≤m -dimensional space. This functional, called Frame energy, is naturally linked to the Willmore energy of the immersion and on the conformal structure of the...

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43. A Gap Theorem for Willmore Tori and an application to the Willmore Flow

Mondino, Andrea and Nguyen, Huy The (2013)

In 1965 Willmore conjectured that the integral of the square of the mean curvature of a torus immersed in $R^3$ is at least $2\pi^2$ and attains this minimal value if and only if the torus is a M\ "obius transform of the Clifford torus. This was recently proved by Marques and...

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45. Agency and communicaton in IMF conditional lending: Theory and empirical evidence

Marchesi, Silvia, Sabani, Laura and Dreher, Axel (2009)

We focus on the role that the transmission of information between a multilateral (the IMF) and a country has for the optimal design of conditional reforms. Our model predicts that when agency problems are especially severe, and/or IMF information is valuable, a centralized control...

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47. Agent-based simulations of emotion spreading in online social networks

Suvakov, Milovan, Garcia, David, Schweitzer, Frank and Tadic, Bosiljka (2012)

Quantitative analysis of empirical data from online social networks reveals group dynamics in which emotions are involved ($$v et al). Full understanding of the underlying mechanisms, however, remains a challenging task. Using agent-based computer simulations, in this paper we...

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48. A human relations paradox

Gersbach, Hans and Haller, Hans Hermann (2011)

We present a variant of a general equilibrium model with group formation to study how changes of non-consumptive benefits from group formation impact on the well-being of group members. We identify a human relations paradox: Positive externalities increase, but none of the group...

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49. Aid Allocation by German NGOs

Dreher, Axel, Nunnenkamp, Peter, Thiel, Susann and Thiele, Rainer (2010)

Using a new dataset for 41 German non-governmental organizations (NGOs), we analyze the allocation of NGO aid across recipient countries in a Tobit regression framework. By identifying for each NGO the degree of public refinancing, we address the largely unresolved issue of whether...

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50. A Kuznets curve for recycling

Pittel, Karen (2006)

The paper aims at extending the debate on Environmental Kuznets Curves to the case of non-renewable resources and to discuss the driving forces that might give rise to EKC's in this case. The paper at hand deviates from the standard EKC analysis in two ways: First, mostly EKC's are...

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