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13. Abstractions for security protocol verification

Nguyen, Binh Thanh and Sprenger, Christoph (2014)

We present a large class of security protocol abstractions with the aim of improving the scope and efficiency of verification tools. We present type-based abstractions, which use a term’s type to uniformly select the kind of abstraction applied, as well as untyped abstractions,...


14. Abstractions for Security Protocol Verification

Nguyen, Binh Thanh and Sprenger, Christoph (2015)

We present a large class of security protocol abstractions with the aim of improving the scope and efficiency of verification tools. We propose typed abstractions, which transform a term's structure based on its type, and untyped abstractions, which remove atomic messages,...


19. Accessibility

Axhausen, Kay W. (2008)

Improved accessibility and its correlate lower generalized cost of contact, travel andtransport have been sought by dynamic human societies for their economic and social benefits throughout recorded history. The paper will reflect about this process at a number of different spatial...


21. Accounting for similarities in air transport route choice

Eggermond, Michael van, Schüssler, Nadine and Axhausen, Kay W. (2008)

Overcoming the “independence of irrelevant alternatives” (IIA) property of the basic multinomial logit (MNL) model is a major research issue in the field of discrete choice modelling. In recent years, several approaches have been developed to achieve this goal. This...


22. Accuracy and Duty-Cycle of FTSP on a LPL-MAC

Ferrari, Federico, Zimmerling, Marco and Thiele, Lothar (2010)

Synchronization accuracy and energy efficiency are two of the most important requirements of a synchronization protocol for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Typically, synchronization protocols for WSNs like FTSP rely on periodic message exchange in order to achieve a sufficient...


23. Accurate numerical schemes for approximating intitial-boundary value problems for systems of conservation law

Mishra, Siddhartha and Spinolo, Laura V. (2011)

Solutions of initial-boundary value problems for systems of conservation laws depend on the underlying viscous mechanism, namely different viscosity operators lead to different limit solutions. Standard numerical schemes for approximating conservation laws do not take into account...


24. Accurate Theorem Proving for Program Verification

Cook, Byron, Kröning, Daniel and Sharygina, Natasha (2005)

Symbolic software verification engines such as Slam and ESC/Java often use automatic theorem provers to implement forms of symbolic simulation. The theorem provers that are used, such as Simplify, usually combine decision procedures for the theories of uninterpreted functions,...


25. A challenge in future transportation research and planning

Keller, Peter (2000)

To understand the future challenge for transportation research and planning, we must make a clear distinction between “mobility” and “transportation”. Mobility is understood to be the ca- pability or possibility of changing position within a specific system (space, society,...


31. A comparison of CS student backgrounds at two universities

Pedroni, Michaela and Oriol, Manuel (2009)

It is difficult to think of another field that, at the outset of the studies, has to face heterogeneity in prior experience similar to what CS1 instructors handle. This student diversity in Computer Science seems to be a global phenomenon. The present work investigates to what...


36. A Composite Leading Indicator for the Peruvian Economy

Etter, Richard and Graff, Michael (2011)

In 2009, KOF was mandated to analyse the business tendency surveys (BTS) conducted on a monthly basis by the Banco Central de Reserva del Perú (BCRP) and to assess the potential to develop coincident and/or leading indicators for core economic variables of the Peruvian economy....


38. A computer system for model helicopter flight control

Wirth, Niklaus (1998)

This memorandum is the first in a series giving an account of the design and structure of the on−board computer system for controlling a model helicopter. The aircraft itself is designed by a research group of the Institut für Mess− und Regeltechnik of ETH Zürich. The...


39. A computer system for model helicopter flight control

Wirth, Niklaus (1999)

This memorandum provides the defining document of the programming language Oberon−SA, a subset of Oberon, extended with a few features for system− and real−time programming the ARM processor. They include array riders and interrupt handlers.


40. A computer system for model helicopter flight control

Wirth, Niklaus (1999)

We describe a compiler, and in particular its generated code, translating from Oberon to binary code for the Strong−ARM RISC processor. It is a very compact single−pass system (< 50K bytes). Compiled modules are linked and down−loaded into the embedded processor. This memo is...


43. A convergent adaptive stochastic Galerkin finite element method with quasi-optimal spatial meshes

Eigel, Martin, Gittelson, Claude, Schwab, Christoph and Zander, Elmar (2014)

We analyze a-posteriori error estimation and adaptive refinement algorithms for stochastic Galerkin Finite Element methods for countablyparametric, elliptic boundary value problems. A residual error estimator which separates the effects of gpc-Galerkin discretization in parameter...


45. A Cost-Effective Atomic Force Microscope for Undergraduate Control Laboratories

Jones, C. N. and Gocalves, Jorge (2008)

This paper presents a simple, cost-effective and robust Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), which has been purpose designed and built for use as a teaching aid in undergraduate controls labs. The guiding design principle is to have all components be open and visible to the...


46. A Cotangent Laplacian for Images as Surfaces

Jacobson, Alec and Sorkine-Hornung, Olga (2012)

By embedding images as surfaces in a high dimensional coordinate space defined by each pixel’s Cartesian coordinates and color values, we directly define and employ cotangent-based, discrete differentialgeometry operators. These operators define discrete energies useful for image...


47. Acquisition of a 3D Audio-Visual Corpus of Affective Speech

Fanelli, Gabriele, Gall, Juergen, Romsdorfer, Harald, Weise, Thibaut and Van Gool, Luc (2010)

Communication between humans deeply relies on our capability of experiencing, expressing, and recognizing feelings. For this reason, research on human-machine interaction needs to focus on the recognition and simulation of emotional states, prerequisite of which is the collection...


49. Activity-based modelling

Axhausen, Kay W. (2000)

This note discusses the expected contributions of the activity-based research approach to the general development of transport planning. Against a brief review of the development of the approach and its central tenets it discusses four areas in turn: data collection, models of...


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