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1. 1980–2008

Sornette, Didier and Cauwels, Peter (2014)

We argue that the present crisis and stalling economy that have been ongoing since 2007 are rooted in the delusionary belief in policies based on a “perpetual money machine” type of thinking. We document strong evidence that, since the early 1980s, consumption has been...

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2. 评“紫坪铺水库造成孔隙弹性耦合变化及其对2008年汶川地震触发作用”二维模拟的局限性

Cheng, Hui-Hong, Zheng, Liang, Zhang, Bei, Sun, Yu-Jun and Shi, Yao-Lin (2015)

The paper titled "Triggering effect of the Zipingpu Reservoir on the 2008 M(w)7.9 Wenchuan, China, Earthquake due to poroelastic coupling" by Tao et al. (2014), simulated the evolution of the pore pressure and stress changes due to the impoundment of Zipingpu reservoir using 20...

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3. К сиренам

Velminski, Wladimir (2011)

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5. 成熟した培養神経回路のネットワーク形状と活動の経時変化

Okawa, Satoru, Mita, Takeshi, Bakkum, Douglas, Hierlemann, Andreas, Frey, Urs, Kanzaki, Ryohei and Takahashi, Hirokazu (2014)

Spatio-temporal neural patterns depend on the physical structure of neural circuits. Neural plasticity can thus be associated with changes in the circuit structure. For example, newborn neurons migrate towards existing, already matured neural networks in order to participate in...

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6. Aaargh! I Just Loooove Flicker Noise

Schmid, Hanspeter (2007)

The author discusses his love-hate relationship with flicker noise and the fact that there is still a lot we don't know about it and might want to find out. For one, it is still not agreed what the best mathematical model is, and he has not yet found a mathematical model that both...

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8. 6a Architects

Bjerring, Sofie (2011)

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9. AAscan, PCRdesign and MutantChecker

Sun, D. W., Ostermaier, M. K., Heydenreich, F. M., Mayer, D., Jaussi, R., Standfuss, J. and Veprintsev, D. B. (2013)

Scanning mutagenesis is a powerful protein engineering technique used to study protein structure-function relationship, map binding sites and design more stable proteins or proteins with altered properties. One of the time-consuming tasks encountered in application of this...

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10. A-186253, a specific antagonist of the alpha 4 beta 2 nAChRs: its properties and potential to study brain nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Itier, Valérie, Schönbächler, Roland, Tribollet, Eliane, Honer, Michael, Prinz, Katja, Marguerat, Anouk, Bertrand, Sonia, Bunnelle, William H., Schubiger, August P., Meyer, Michael D., Sullivand, James P., Bertrand, Daniel and Westera, Gerrit (2004)

Imaging the living brain and the distribution of the ligand gated channels that participate in the neurotransmission is one of the challenges that is hoped to bring new insights for the treatment of neurological diseases. Herein, we probed a new nicotinic derivative, A-186253 as a...

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11. ABA-based therapeutic approaches

Rudolph, Uwe and Mähler, Hanns (2006)

It is increasingly being appreciated that GABA(A) receptor subtypes, through their specific regional, cellular and subcellular localization, are linked to distinct neuronal circuits and consequently serve distinct functions. GABA(A) receptor subtype-selective drugs are therefore...

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13. A backcasting approach for matching regional ecosystem services supply and demand

Brunner, Sibyl Hanna, Huber, Robert and Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne (2016)

Ecosystem services (ES) modeling studies typically use a forecasting approach to predict scenarios of future ES provision. Usually, these forecasts do not inform on how specific policy alternatives will influence future ES supply and whether this supply can match ES demand –...

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14. A Bacterial-Fungal Metaproteomic Analysis Enlightens an Intriguing Multicomponent Interaction in the Rhizosphere of Lactuca sativa

Moretti, Marino, Minerdi, Daniela, Gehrig, Peter, Garibaldi, Angelo, Gullino, Maria Lodovica and Riedel, Katharina (2012)

Fusarium oxysporum MSA 35 [wild-type (WT) strain] is an antagonistic isolate that protects plants against pathogenic Fusaria. This strain lives in association with ectosymbiotic bacteria. When cured of the prokaryotic symbionts [cured (CU) form], the fungus is pathogenic, causing...

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15. A bacterial thioredoxin-like protein that is exposed to the periplasm has redox properties comparable with those of cytoplasmic thioredoxins

Loferer, Hannes, Wunderlich, Martina, Hennecke, Hauke and Glockshuber, Rudi (1995)

The membrane-anchored thioredoxin-like protein (TlpA) from the Gram-negative soil bacterium Bradyrhizobium japonicum was initially discovered due to its essential role in the maturation of cytochrome aa3. A soluble form of TlpA lacking the N-terminal membrane anchor acts as a...

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16. A bacteriophage endolysin-based electrochemical impedance biosensor for the rapid detection of Listeria cells

Tolba, Mona, Ahmed, Minhaz Uddin, Tlili, Chaker, Eichenseher, Fritz, Loessner, Martin J. and Zourob, Mohammed (2012)

The objective of this study was to develop a biosensor using the cell wall binding domain (CBD) of bacteriophage-encoded peptidoglycan hydrolases (endolysin) immobilized on a gold screen printed electrode (SPE) and subsequent electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for a rapid...

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17. A band structure analysis of the coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism in (Ho, Dy) Ni2B2C

Shorikov, A.O., Anisimov, V.I. and Sigrist, M. (2006)

The phenomenological theory of complex interplay of superconductivity and magnetism in Ho1-xDyxNi2B2C by Doh et al (1999 Phys. Rev. Lett. 83 5350) is based on the multi-band picture with at least one band which is strongly dominated by Ni 3d-electron orbitals. These orbitals are...

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18. A band-structure analysis of the coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism in (Ho,Dy)Ni2B2C1

Shorikov, A. O., Nekrasov, I. A., Anisimov, V. I. and Sigrist, M. (2006)

We have performed a qualitative analysis of the band structure of DyNi2B2C using the LDA + U method. The special structure of the antiferromagnetic order has a stabilizing effect on the superconductivity of the Ni 3d xy band which is due to the canceling of four Dy...

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19. A bargaining theory of the firm

Britz, Volker, Herings, P. Jean-Jacques and Predtetchinski, Arkadi (2013)

Suppose that a firm has several owners and that the future is uncertain in the sense that one out of many different states of nature will realize tomorrow. An owner’s time preference and risk attitude will determine the importance he places on payoffs in the different states. It...

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21. A basic model for training of microscopic and endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery: the Egghead

Engel, Doortje C., Ferrari, Andrea, Tasman, Abel-Jan, Schmid, Raphael, Schindel, Ralf, Haile, Sarah R., Mariani, Luigi and Fournier, Jean-Yves (2015)

Transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery has gained popularity in the last 2 decades and is becoming a standard technique for resection of pituitary adenomas. In contrast to their ENT colleagues, neurosurgical residents have practically no endoscopic experience when...

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23. A Bayesian Account of Vocal Adaptation to Pitch-Shifted Auditory Feedback

Hahnloser, Richard H.R. and Narula, Gagan (2017)

Motor systems are highly adaptive. Both birds and humans compensate for synthetically induced shifts in the pitch (fundamental frequency) of auditory feedback stemming from their vocalizations. Pitch-shift compensation is partial in the sense that large shifts lead to smaller...

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25. A Bayesian Estimation Method to Improve Deterioration Prediction for Infrastructure System with Markov Chain Model

Kobayashi, Kiyoshi, Kaito, Kiyoyuki and Lethanh, Nam (2012)

In many practices of bridge asset management, life cycle costs are estimated by statistical deterioration prediction models based upon monitoring data collected through inspection activities. In many applications, it is, however, often the case that the validity of statistical...

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26. A Bayesian Estimation Method to Improve Deterioration Predicton for Infrastructure System with Markov Chain Model

Kobayashi, Kiyoshi, Kaito, Kiyoyuki and Le Thanh, Nam (2012)

In many practices of bridge asset management, life cycle costs are estimated by statistical deterioration prediction models based upon monitoring data collected through inspection activities. In many applications, it is, however, often the case that the validity of statistical...

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27. A Bayesian foundation for individual learning under uncertainty

Mathys, Christoph, Daunizeau, Jean, Friston, Karl J. and Stephan, Klaas E. (2011)

Computational learning models are critical for understanding mechanisms of adaptive behavior. However, the two major current frameworks, reinforcement learning (RL) and Bayesian learning, both have certain limitations. For example, many Bayesian models are agnostic of...

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28. A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Heterogeneous RCM-GCM Multimodel Ensembles

Kerkhoff, Christian, Künsch, Hans R. and Schär, Christoph (2015)

A Bayesian hierarchical model for heterogeneous multimodel ensembles of global and regional climate models is presented. By applying the methodology herein to regional and seasonal temperature averages from the ENSEMBLES project, probabilistic projections of future climate are...

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29. A Bayesian network approach for population synthesis

Sun, Lijun and Erath, Alexander (2015)

Agent-based micro-simulation models require a complete list of agents with detailed demographic/socioeconomic information for the purpose of behavior modeling and simulation. This paper introduces a new alternative for population synthesis based on Bayesian networks. A Bayesian...

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31. A Bayesian perspective on magnitude estimation

Petzschner, Frederike H., Glasauer, Stefan and Stephan, Klaas E. (2015)

Our representation of the physical world requires judgments of magnitudes, such as loudness, distance, or time. Interestingly, magnitude estimates are often not veridical but subject to characteristic biases. These biases are strikingly similar across different sensory modalities,...

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32. A Bayesian probabilistic framework for avalanche modeling based on observations

Straub, Daniel and Grêt-Regamey, Adrienne (2006)

Applied avalanche models are based on parameters which cannot be measured directly. As a consequence, these models are associated with large uncertainties, which must be addressed in risk assessment. To this end, we present an integral probabilistic framework for the modelling of...

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33. Abcb4 acts as multixenobiotic transporter and active barrier against chemical uptake in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos

Fischer, S., Kluver, N., Burkhardt-Medicke, K., Pietsch, M., Schmidt, A. M., Wellner, P., Schirmer, K. and Luckenbach, T. (2013)

Background: In mammals, ABCB1 constitutes a cellular "first line of defense" against a wide array of chemicals and drugs conferring cellular multidrug or multixenobiotic resistance (MDR/MXR). We tested the hypothesis that an ABCB1 ortholog serves as protection for the sensitive...

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34. ABCC1

Kilic, Ertugrul, Spudich, Annett, Kilic, Ülkan, Rentsch, Katharina M., Vig, Raluca, Matter, Christian M., Wunderli-Allenspach, Heidi, Fritschy, Jean-Marc, Bassetti, Claudio L. and Hermann, Dirk M. (2008)

By preventing access of drugs to the CNS, the blood–brain barrier hampers developments in brain pharmacotherapy. Strong efforts are currently being made to identify drugs that accumulate more efficaciously in ischaemic brain tissue. We identified an ATP-binding cassette...

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35. ABC1K1/PGR6 kinase

Martinis, J., Glauser, G., Valimareanu, S., Stettler, M., Zeeman, Samuel C., Yamamoto, H., Shikanai, T. and Kessler, F. (2014)

Arabidopsis proton gradient regulation (pgr) mutants have high chlorophyll fluorescence and reduced non-photochemical quenching (NPQ) caused by defects in photosynthetic electron transport. Here, we identify PGR6 as the chloroplast lipid droplet (plastoglobule, PG) kinase ABC1K1...

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37. ABC transporter architecture and mechanism

Locher, Kaspar P. and Borths, Elizabeth (2004)

ABC transporters are ubiquitous membrane proteins that facilitate unidirectional substrate translocation across the lipid bilayer. Over the past five years, new crystal structures have advanced our understanding of how ABC transporters couple adenosine triphosphate (ATP) hydrolysis...

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39. Abdominal Fat Is Associated With Lower Bone Formation and Inferior Bone Quality in Healthy Premenopausal Women

Cohen, A., Dempster, D. W., Recker, R. R., Lappe, J. M., Zhou, H., Zwahlen, A., Muller, R., Zhao, B. S., Guo, X. T., Lang, T., Saeed, I., Liu, X. S., Guo, X. E., Cremers, S., Rosen, C. J., Stein, E. M., Nickolas, T. L., McMahon, D. J., Young, P. and Shane, E. (2013)

Context: The conventional view that obesity is beneficial for bone strength has recently been challenged by studies that link obesity, particularly visceral obesity, to low bone mass and fractures. It is controversial whether effects of obesity on bone are mediated by increased...

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40. A beginner's guide to the modern theory of polarization

Spaldin, Nicola A. (2012)

The so-called Modern Theory of Polarization, which rigorously defines the spontaneous polarization of a periodic solid and provides a route for its computation in electronic structure codes through the Berry phase, is introduced in a simple qualitative discussion.

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41. A Behavioral Account of the Labor Market

Fehr, Ernst, Zehnder, Christian and Goette, Lorenz (2009)

In this paper, we argue that important labor market phenomena can be better understood if one takes (a) the inherent incompleteness and relational nature of most employment contracts and (b) the existence of reference-dependent fairness concerns among a substantial share of...

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42. A behavioral study of "noise" in coordination games

Mäs, Michael and Nax, Heinrich H. (2016)

‘Noise’ in this study, in the sense of evolutionary game theory, refers to deviations from prevailing behavioral rules. Analyzing data from a laboratory experiment on coordination in networks, we tested ‘what kind of noise’ is supported by behavioral evidence. This...

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43. A behavioural model of resonant cantilevers for chemical sensing

Paci, D., Kirstein, K.-U., Vancura, C., Lichtenberg, J. and Baltes, H. (2005)

We present a model for the behavioural description of resonant cantilevers for chemical sensing. This model is well suited to be implemented in an analog behavioural description language like Verilog-A to enable simulations of the cantilever devices together with integrated...

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45. Abelian ideals in a Borel subalgebra of a complex simple Lie algebra

Suter, Ruedi (2004)

Let g be a complex simple Lie algebra and b a fixed Borel subalgebra of g. We describe the abelian ideals in b in a uniform way, that is, independent of the classification of complex simple Lie algebras. As an application we derive a formula for the maximal dimension of a...

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48. A BEM solution of steady-state flow problems in discrete fracture networks with minimization of core storage

Lenti, V. and Fidelibus, C. (2003)

A boundary element method (BEM) solution for the problem of the fluid flow in a three-dimensional discrete fracture network (DFN) is proposed. A DFN is an assembling of polygons which resemble the fractures in a rock mass. The position, extension, orientation and transmissivity of...

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49. A benchmark comparison of spontaneous subduction models

Schmeling, H., Babeyko, Andrey, Enns, A., Faccenna, C., Funiciello, F., Gerya, T., Golabek, G.J., Grigull, S., Kaus, B. J.P., Morra, G., Schmalholz, S.M. and Hunen, J. van (2008)

Numerically modelling the dynamics of a self-consistently subducting lithosphere is a challenging task because of the decoupling problems of the slab from the free surface. We address this problem with a benchmark comparison between various numerical codes (Eulerian and Lagrangian,...

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50. Machine tool calibration

Bringmann, B. and Knapp, W. (2009)

In order to show a sufficient geometric performance, every machine tool has to be calibrated geometrically before it may come into operation. The geometric machine errors have to be identified. They can afterwards be compensated either mechanically or numerically in the machine...

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