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Criteria for data entry:

  • Valid nethz login
  • At least one of the individuals involved (e.g. author or editor) must have been a member of ETH Zurich at the time of origination. Works that have been published before the author's affiliation with ETH Zurich can be entered as "Non-ETH Publications".
  • The work has already been published or accepted for publication or is a published thesis accepted by ETH Zurich.
  • The work in printed form is or has, in the past, been publicly available, e.g. via the book trade.
  • The work in digital form is accessible for the long term via a stable web address and is clearly identifiable (e.g. via PURL, DOI, URN) or has been made available from a freely accessible document server that guarantees long-term and permanent access (e.g. ETH E-Collection).

Further information regarding the recording of references in ETH E-Citations