ETH E-Citations provides details of the following scientific works that have been either published or accepted for publication:

  • Books and journals and contributions therefrom
  • conference proceedings and contributions therefrom
  • research reports
  • the publications of institutes of the ETH Zurich
  • doctoral, habilitation and selected bachelor,master and diploma theses accepted by ETH Zurich
  • working and discussion papers including preprints
  • selected student works recognised by professors, institutes or departments and published in ETH E-Collection
  • works published at and by ETH Zurich

Works that have been published before the author’s affiliation with ETH Zurich can be entered as "Non-ETH Publications" if desired.

Each reference will be verified by library’s staff and will be assigned a publication and document type.

Current references recorded by authors or from Web of Science and Scopus are being added on an ongoing basis and are being processed in timely fashion.

The references cited for former reports of the ETH Zurich Annual Academic Achievements (AAA) are verified retrospectively and imported regularly by the library into ETH E-Citations.