What is ETH E-Citations?

ETH E-Citations is the freely accessible online university bibliography of ETH Zurich. It provides details on a long-term basis of the academic publications that have originated either at ETH Zurich or in collaboration with at least one ETH member. ETH E-Citations therefore offers a broad overview of the research activities and research results of ETH Zurich.

Further advantages for the authors include:

  • assertion of the originator's claim to intellectual property rights
  • long-term citability of publications, thus making them easier to locate
  • ensuring citability particularly of printed and/or digital publications that are not or have not been available via the book trade or from a publisher
  • the possibility of making the full text of works available via the ETH E-Collection, providing there are no legal restrictions
  • dissemination of the references and corresponding publications
  • supporting the reputation of ETH Zurich researchers and teachers
  • inclusion of RSS feeds in websites

ETH E-Citations is the official source for references in the Web-CMS as well as in the Annual Academic Achievements of ETH Zurich.

E-Publishing and Digital Curation (pdf, 816kB)